The Naming System


Many different parts of the world have different naming system. The most common naming system is putting our family name right after our given name or reversed, putting our family name first and then our given name. However in Malaysia, we don’t do that. We don’t have a family name. We only put our given name and our father’s name. In between them we put ‘Bin’ for male and ‘Binti’ for female. But, people in Malaysia nowadays start to NOT put the Bin and Binti for some unknown reason and it creates problems. But first, let me tell you how our names in Malaysia look like.

Male name – Ali Bin Abu

Female name – Nurul Binti Ahmad

As you can see, the ‘Bin’ and ‘Binti’ is between our name and our father’s name. However, most of us don’t have only one given name. We mostly have two or three given names. So our names mostly look like this:

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The Problem with Students in My College


I notice that there’s one same pattern that the students in my college share which is complaining about events and activities in the college. They complain that there is lack of event organized by the college and they even complain about the event itself. This is one problem that seriously annoys me and I’ll tell you the reasons why.

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My Take on Love


Love is such an important thing towards people my age. I see many people going into and out of relationship many times. My take on love, however, is that I think it’s meaningless. I believe that falling in love, or at least having a relationship at my age is a complete waste of time. Why? Because most of the relationship established would not last that long anyway. Eventually, all the couples today would break in a few years, I guarantee it. There are reasons why I feel this way.

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Kung Fu Panda 3 Makes Every Sense


I love Kung Fu Panda. From the first movie to the last. I follow them since I was a kid. Kung Fu Panda 1 and 2 don’t get much complain from my acquaintances but this last movie, they complain a little bit too much which annoy me. They say that there is not enough fight scene, not enough joke and that some things are just way too convenient for the plot progression. Because I’m so irritated with them, I write this essay explaining why they are all wrong. I believe that the points I’m about to give will not be found anywhere… unless you search it on the internet.

Warning: This essay contains minor spoilers. Read at your own risks.

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Tips of Being Less Awkward Around Girls


Are you one of the people who can’t even start a normal conversation with a girl? Do you think that girls are some kind of alien species that are impossible to approach? Are you jealous of the guys who can actually interact with these monsters. So do I! But I manage to come up with a perfect plan for me to appear much less awkward around girls than I actually am.

I am a very awkward person myself especially when it comes to interacting with girls. Because of this, I have all the requirement for giving advice to you awkward people. I mean, it’s only natural to take advice from the person who can relate to you right?

Instead of having just one crush, have more!!!

We all know that we tend to be nervous around our crush. It’ll be very obvious when the girl in question is physically near to us. We would stutter if we open our mouth. We would act really unnaturally and pretty much everyone notices it. Even our crush herself notices it but she’s being nice by pretending not to notice. So how do you avoid being awkward around the girl you like? Simple, be awkward around more than just one girl. This way, if you’re being awkward around the girl that you like, you’re also awkward around many other girls since you also like them. It’s called consistency. Make sense? I personally have 30 but that’s just me.

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The Unvoiced Feeling

There he was playing football with his friends in the field as usual. I took a glimpse of him through my bedroom’s window. I could see him from here since the football field was a stone’s throw away from my house. He would play there almost everyday in the evening and I would watch him everytime he played from beginning to end. After we entered highschool, I never actually talked to him as we were separated to different classes. I could only look at him from afar because I didn’t have the courage to approach him.

It was Friday morning when I peeked inside of his class through the class window trying to find him from outside. I looked at his seat and there was no one. I rolled my eyes towards the entire class but I couldn’t find him. Was he absent? Suddenly, a matured male voice called my name.

“Lina, come here for a while,” he ordered. It appeared that it was the Advisor of the Football Club. The he continued “ Rick’s house is near your house right?”

“Yes,” I answered shortly.

“Could you send this form to him for me? I need him fill it up and send it back to me by Monday next week. He is absent today so you should really give me a hand and ease up my burden,” he said handing the form to me.

It was the National Football Championship participation form. ‘So our school’s football team has made it to the nasional level huh?’ I thought to myself. But that’s not important. What’s important right now was this form. The form that I was holding. How on earth should I give this to him? Enter his house and give it to him nonchalantly? I don’t think so. But that was the only way I could think of since I don’t have a phone and I don’t know his phone number.

That evening after school, I went to his house ready to do things that I would never do if nobody insisted me. I inhaled as deep as I could and exhaled before ringing the bell. There was no answer for quite some time so I rang the bell again. There was still no answer so I decided to just slide in the form under the front door.

Suddenly, I heard a loud thud noise from the inside. Curious about the sound, I reluctantly opened the unlocked door (it was unlocked??) to see what had happened. It was shocking to see Rick lying on the floor near the stairs. I promptly went to him and helped him.

“What happened?” I asked him a common question anyone would ask while helping him to get up before going to his room upstairs.

“Nothing. I originally wanted to get some water. But then the bell rang so…,” he murmured his unfinished sentense whiled clinging on me.

His whole body was shivering and it felt very hot. Perhaps he was catching a cold. I guess he was very sick. He couldn’t even go to the kitchen by himself to get some water. Well, that thought led me to another question.

“Where are your parents?” I asked while letting him lie on his bed.

“They have gone outstation,” he answered. At times like this his parents were not home?

“I’ll go make some water okay,” I said to him and then leave the room. I went downstairs and eventually to the kitchen. To think of myself going to almost every part of a guy’s house…

“Here’s the water,” I said as I entered his room again. He didn’t answer me. He was asleep.

I put the water on the table beside his bed and sat beside him while starring at him. His body covered with his blanket, his innocent, sick, red face. His fast paced breathing rate and his loud heartbeat. I couldn’t help but aware of all of them.

Then, he suddenly held my right hand and took it to his chest. His eyes did not open so I thought he was dreaming or sleep-walking to be more precise. Again, I could feel his trembling body and his rapid heartbeat. I really liked the circumstances and the aura I was in.  I wished everything would stay like this forever.

Time flew by very quickly as an hour remaining in the same position felt like minutes.

“Hey, I actually like you since elementary school,” I uttered and then sighed. “If only I could say this while you’re awake,” I said loud enough to break the silence.

I took my hand off his hug and decided to leave the house as I’ve been wasting my time long enough to send his form. When I was about to leave the room he emited something.

“Lina. I heard what you said,” he said with his quavering sick voice.

I was dumbfounded to hear that. He heard me? Was he just pretending to be asleep all this while? How could I face him next time? Out of pure panic, I quickly went downstairs and out of his house. I believed the form was inside when I was leaving so it shouldn’t be a problem.

I entered my room and bumped my face onto my pillow. How foolish was I? I should’ve make sure he was really sleeping. In fact, I shouldn’t even talk about it. But what could I do? I couldn’t do anything now. I just had to face him when the time came.

Eventually, the time came. I woke up early in the morning knowing that I had to face him at the school. That’s right, at the school. That means I only have to worry about him when I arrived at school.

I opened my front door ready to walk to school when my heart suddenly raced fast. Rick was standing right in front of my house waiting for me.

“Let’s walk to school together,” he said. I could only approach him to his side.

“Umm… do you feel any better?” I asked to start a conversation about the other day.

“Yeah, I’m great now. You don’t need to worry. By the way, about the other day…”

“Ah, did you really hear what I said?” I asked curiously.

“Well, to put it bluntly, yes. Yes I heard you,” if that was the case, I only wanted to know his answer. “ Honestly speaking, I did not see you like you see me all this while but we could definitely be friends,” he explained.

He gave a very neutral answer. That means, I still had the chance to go out with him right? In the current state, we were ‘friends’ but I’d make sure that we were no longer ‘friends’ in the near future, I thought while walking beside him happily to the school.


Writer’s note: Nothing to say here…

Written By: L-zerb

Stay or Fly

The wind was gentle as I walked across the hallway alone towards my class. I took the first step inside the classroom and I saw her. She was already waiting for me, sitting on a chair behind a desk to study.

I remembered her. Clare is her name. The first time I saw her was a month ago at the annual school festival rehearsal. She was playing a piano decently. Her playing was so beautiful and captivating, it gave me a very nostalgic feeling about my dad and me. I felt very calm listening and enjoying the melody of the song while reminiscing my old times with my dad. My dad died in a car accident a few years ago. I was very sad then and determined to study harder for his sake.

Despite her outstanding and exceptional talent in playing piano, Clare had one thing that she was not good at. Her academic. Her recent exam result was terribly awful. Not to mention she was the worst student in the entire school. I on the other hand was the best student in the school, in academic at least. Because of that, I was given a very difficult task by one of the teachers that was to help her with her studies until she passed the exam. That is seriously a pain for me. Why me of all people? The girl who got the second place could do it right?

“Hey Clare, don’t you think there are many other girls who could teach you better than me? I mean, I know I got the first place but I’m a guy you know,” I asked her nonchalantly.

“Actually, this task was given by many other girls before but it didn’t work out,” was it that hard to teach this girl?? “I couldn’t quite grasp what they taught and they were teaching too fast. I couldn’t keep up with them so I ended up scolding them for not knowing how to teach,” this girl sure had some nerves.

“So, let me guess. The teacher actually thinks that a guy could soften your heart or something?”

“Pretty much like that.”

That was the first conversation that I had with her before I started my mission. From then on, we studied almost everyday in my class after school. It was a bit hard to teach her and studying may be boring for her. So, I made a slot for us to break and chat after every 30 minutes of studying. We didn’t talk much since the break slot was pretty short and I was very punctual about time. I didn’t give her any chance to neglect.

During one of the slots, I told her about the first time I saw her and how I felt about her piano playing. I praised her a little bit but unintentionally, I also told her about my father. Those two things were connected so I couldn’t just tell her only one of them. It would be meaningless. She felt sorry for me and told me how she felt about school in return. She said that the school was a very tedious place for her. She was just wasting her time all this while. She would’ve played piano more often if she was given more time to play it and then be the best pianist in the country. She also wanted to learn to play other instruments. So, does that means she was just wasting her time studying with me?

As I spent more time studying with her, I started to grow fond towards her. Even though she was really slow to understand things, she worked very hard to actually understand them. I believe her hardworking attitude and dedication came from playing musical instrument. Still, if she says that school was boring and stuff, why did she study so hard?

“Hey Clare, my family is throwing a birthday party tonight. By any chance, do you wan to come? I asked her during a break slot.

“Sure, I’ll bring my sister along,” she answered.

She, along with her sister came to my house earlier than everybody else. I welcomed both of them cheerfully. Then, her sister had a chat with my mom in the living room while Clare and I had a walk in the garden.

“You came early,” I jested.

“I’m not early. I’m just punctual, like you,” That words touched me a little. She then sighed. “I’m sorry to say this but your effort leads me nowhere actually. By the end of next month, I’m gone anyway.”

“What do you mean,” I asked her curiously.

“You see, my sister there is on her break. She studies in Canada and by the end of next month, the break will be over. I’m transferring to a music school there and I’m going to stay with my sister.”

I was dumbfounded when I heard that. She would be gone by next month? I really didn’t want that to happen.

“Do you really have to go?” I asked her slowly in a quavering voice.

“Why do you ask?” she questioned me back.

“Umm… It’s just that, I don’t want you to go,” I said while looking down at the grass.

I didn’t talk for a while. She didn’t either. It was silent.

“I want you to be here with me,” I broke the short silence looking up and gazed at her sparkling eyes.

I could see her starting so cry after I said that. Shortly after, she ran out of the house in a haste pulling her sister.

The next evening during our study session, she didn’t talk much. As for me, I was trying my hardest  to act as normal as I could. I was already dejected at that time.

Day by day shifted so fast until that day finally came. The day that she would fly off oversea. I went to the airport to send her off. I started to cry when her sister had started to say good bye. I couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted to spend my time with her more but all hopes were faded. In about an hour, I wouldn’t be able to see her anymore.

Suddenly, she came close to me and said “don’t cry. I’m going to be here with you. I have decided to stay here and do my best in exams. I only came here to send my sister off.”

What? Was she bluffing? I looked up and saw her smiling broadly at me. Seeing that, I promptly hugged her and cried feeling ecstatic and relieved.


Writer’s note: Well that ending is really screwed…. But if she did fly then the story would be much longer. And I’m too lazy to write.

Written by: L-zerb