Homosexuals and Their Logic


This is pretty much a shock to me but homosexuality has become more popular than ever!! Homosexuals, if you don’t know, are people who are attracted to the same gender. Why is this shocking to me? Because in my country, most of us are Muslims and Islam prohibits us from having any kind of romantic relationship with the same gender. It’s just plain wrong. So I as a straight Muslim guy am very shocked to know that they are increasing in number. Having known that I try to imagine why and how they become homosexuals. I came up with this theory of mine.

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How I Suck at Gossiping


I’m really bad at gossiping. REALLY BAD. I actually once tried to gossip with two of my friends… But end up caught red handed. It was really funny. Think about it, a guy who usually doesn’t gossip, tried to gossip and then got caught… sigh. I’m traumatized by the incident and now I’m very scared to even talk about other people. I’m scared they would magically appear behind me. There are reasons as to why I suck at this unbeneficial activity. I managed to divide it into some points.

I don’t know people

I just can’t remember people well and I tend to forget them easily. If they’re not important in my life, chances are, three minutes after I know them, I’ll forget them. Because of this, I tend to not give a damn about pretty much everyone. Because I know for a fact that I’ll forget about them eventually.

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I Might Make Drastic Changes


I might make some drastic changes and decisions. I would quit being a leader and just focus on improving my English language proficiency. I’m not going to decide now but if my Business Communication Mock Interview result is below my expectation (because the session really was bad), I might quit everything. Why am I quitting? Well there are many reasons.

I’m just not a good leader

Now my roles are not that big. I’m a class representative, an unofficial leader of my college’s English game exhibition booth and a representative for my course of a club. I should be able to handle them well because of the small little roles right? Well no because it’s very difficult for me. Okay take this example. A higher up instructed me to spread a news to my subordinate about an event. Normal people would take only one minute to spread the news. However, I’d take 15 minutes thinking about what I should say, what will people say about me and just the pressure of TALKING. Yes, I’d take 15 times longer than a normal people. Some of you might say that if I expose myself towards those situations more, I’d get better. Well I’ve done other roles for almost a year and I didn’t get better so I think I better give up now than later.

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Looking Up at A Girl’s Skirt

I don’t know what picture to put here so here’s a random picture. Yes, I’m an anime fan.

First of all, no, this is not going to be a lewd post. It’ll be completely innocent. Sorry if anyone searched for something perverted here, you’re not going to find it. That said, let’s jump right into the main act!

I once had the habit of looking up at a girl’s skirt. Not every girl, mind you, just this one particular girl. I was 7 years old and my cousin who is also the same age started this whole thing. In our school, the length of a school uniform skirt is all the way down to the feet. No no, it’s definitely not like those short skirts in Japan, it’s a long skirt.

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