John Titor: A Self-Proclaimed Time Traveler


It’s 2.20 am now and I’m freaking writing a script for a presentation that I’m not even sure if it’ll happen. Also, I have a paper that is due tomorrow… What the hell am I doing… Uh well, let’s write it anyway.

Have you ever heard of a guy named John Titor? No? Well let me tell you. In November 2000 there was a guy who called himself John Titor claiming to be from the future. He’s a self-proclaimed time traveller claiming that he traveled from the year 2036 to the year 1975 to secure an old computer named IBM 5100. He said that the computer has some kind of anti-virus that would help him to stop the world war three that’ll happen in the future. He has secured the computer and then traveled to the year 2000 to meet himself and do some research on his journey. And so, he shocked and attracted the internet’s interest by publicly announcing that he is from the future.

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Why I Hate Formal Debate


School debate is probably the worst thing anybody has ever thought of. I despise it. When I was at school, I entered an English debate competition between classes and I really hated it. Well mostly because I’m not fluent in English and when it was my turn to speak, I stuttered and barely speak anything… Oh man that was a really bad experience. Anyway, I hate debate because it just doesn’t really make any sense. It doesn’t actually discuss about the problem at hand. They go round and round trying to prove that they’re right and the other party’s wrong, even if they have to make up some stuff. Did you know that Empire State building was actually built three thousand years ago by Mongolians? Well now you know. You can confirm this fact in the 3rd edition of the Oxford dictionary on page 274 line 68.

Enough blabbering let me just demonstrate how ridiculous a debate actually sounds.

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