The World of ‘Cables’

computer cables

Cables. We are living in a world where we can’t survive without these ‘cables’. What are cables you may ask? Well, it means a group of people who has the authority or power over something. For example, you want to apply for a job but your academic requirement isn’t sufficient. But you coincidentally, know someone from inside the company. They then help you to somehow bypass the requirement needed and get you a job in the company. Basically, you use them to get a job from the inside. These inside people are called cables. I don’t know if anyone out there uses this term the same way as we do but here in Malaysia, we meant it that way. Now, I’m going to talk about one particular organization in my college that are apparent on having these kinds of people.

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How I Suck at Gossiping


I’m really bad at gossiping. REALLY BAD. I actually once tried to gossip with two of my friends… But end up caught red handed. It was really funny. Think about it, a guy who usually doesn’t gossip, tried to gossip and then got caught… sigh. I’m traumatized by the incident and now I’m very scared to even talk about other people. I’m scared they would magically appear behind me. There are reasons as to why I suck at this unbeneficial activity. I managed to divide it into some points.

I don’t know people

I just can’t remember people well and I tend to forget them easily. If they’re not important in my life, chances are, three minutes after I know them, I’ll forget them. Because of this, I tend to not give a damn about pretty much everyone. Because I know for a fact that I’ll forget about them eventually.

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I Might Make Drastic Changes


I might make some drastic changes and decisions. I would quit being a leader and just focus on improving my English language proficiency. I’m not going to decide now but if my Business Communication Mock Interview result is below my expectation (because the session really was bad), I might quit everything. Why am I quitting? Well there are many reasons.

I’m just not a good leader

Now my roles are not that big. I’m a class representative, an unofficial leader of my college’s English game exhibition booth and a representative for my course of a club. I should be able to handle them well because of the small little roles right? Well no because it’s very difficult for me. Okay take this example. A higher up instructed me to spread a news to my subordinate about an event. Normal people would take only one minute to spread the news. However, I’d take 15 minutes thinking about what I should say, what will people say about me and just the pressure of TALKING. Yes, I’d take 15 times longer than a normal people. Some of you might say that if I expose myself towards those situations more, I’d get better. Well I’ve done other roles for almost a year and I didn’t get better so I think I better give up now than later.

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Kung Fu Panda 3 Makes Every Sense


I love Kung Fu Panda. From the first movie to the last. I follow them since I was a kid. Kung Fu Panda 1 and 2 don’t get much complain from my acquaintances but this last movie, they complain a little bit too much which annoy me. They say that there is not enough fight scene, not enough joke and that some things are just way too convenient for the plot progression. Because I’m so irritated with them, I write this essay explaining why they are all wrong. I believe that the points I’m about to give will not be found anywhere… unless you search it on the internet.

Warning: This essay contains minor spoilers. Read at your own risks.

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Why I Hate Formal Debate


School debate is probably the worst thing anybody has ever thought of. I despise it. When I was at school, I entered an English debate competition between classes and I really hated it. Well mostly because I’m not fluent in English and when it was my turn to speak, I stuttered and barely speak anything… Oh man that was a really bad experience. Anyway, I hate debate because it just doesn’t really make any sense. It doesn’t actually discuss about the problem at hand. They go round and round trying to prove that they’re right and the other party’s wrong, even if they have to make up some stuff. Did you know that Empire State building was actually built three thousand years ago by Mongolians? Well now you know. You can confirm this fact in the 3rd edition of the Oxford dictionary on page 274 line 68.

Enough blabbering let me just demonstrate how ridiculous a debate actually sounds.

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Smoking, Smokers and my Ignorance Towards Them


According to a quick Google search, 50% of men in Malaysia smoke. That’s a lot. Like, a lot a lot. I only knew about this fact two years ago when I enrolled in a university. So what am I getting at here? Well, I was naïve. I thought there were less smokers than there actually are.

When I was little, I always see smokers as really harmful people. My father used to be a smoker. Seeing smokers as some kind of evil maniac, I questioned my mother why she married him. I remember asking “he was a smoker, how could you be attracted to such a person?” and my mother casually answered “my son, you need to know that EVERY GUY SMOKES”. I was so shocked by what I was told. Every guy is a smoker? That can’t be right!

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The Horror Genre


Now I don’t particularly like the horror genre because I just don’t find it interesting. They’re just full of jump scares anyway. But I don’t have any problem to those who like it. However, some of the fan piss me off.

I notice that some of them look down on people who don’t watch horror genre assuming that we are too scared to watch any. What in the world are they thinking? Well I admit most of us, including me, are ‘weak’ and can get scared easily. However, that’s not the main reason why we don’t watch the genre. The main reason is that we just don’t find the genre interesting. I mean I’ve tried watching some, even to the extend of watching them at the cinema (because we are told that it’s the best experience) but after watching, I don’t really feel anything. Maybe, just maybe I was just watching a bad horror film so it was not enough to scare me to death. That’s what I thought. But all my friends seem to scared even more than me. I guess I’m not easily scared?? Naahhh I’m pretty sure I’m the opposite.

What’s worse is that some people especially my peers tend to watch the genre to show off that they are ‘brave’. The irony is that after watching a horror movie, I’m still able to go to the toilet alone in the middle of the night while they can’t. Like… whaaat? I’m not saying that I’m ‘brave’ but I think it’s pretty safe to say that I’m ‘braver’ than them.

What I’m trying to say is that I hate people who look down on me just because I don’t like to watch horror films. However, I’m too lazy to explain everything to them so when the question, “why don’t you watch the horror genre?” came to me, I’d just answer “ because I’m a scaredy-cat” bluntly. End of story.