In this blog you’ll find a bunch crappy stories that I decided to trash them out here. There will also be random posts of random topics.  The reason I picked ‘customary perspective’ as the name of the blog is because of my religious standpoint. But this doesn’t really matter because I never actually post anything religious here. I just think that the name is pretty cool.

Originally, this blog was intended to only throw out my crappy stories as I stated in this introduction post but I now decided to spice things up a little bit and give me more freedom to write anything that I want.

Also, there was actually another writer here who has introduced himself here. He didn’t post anything aside from that introduction post so I kicked him out MWAHAHAHAHA *evil laugh*.

Oh one last thing, I also blog about anime at Getting up Early. If you don’t like what I write here but you like anime, go there instead.

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