Homosexuals and Their Logic


This is pretty much a shock to me but homosexuality has become more popular than ever!! Homosexuals, if you don’t know, are people who are attracted to the same gender. Why is this shocking to me? Because in my country, most of us are Muslims and Islam prohibits us from having any kind of romantic relationship with the same gender. It’s just plain wrong. So I as a straight Muslim guy am very shocked to know that they are increasing in number. Having known that I try to imagine why and how they become homosexuals. I came up with this theory of mine.

Firstly, they hate the other gender so much for some reason. Perhaps they had a bad experience with the other gender. A bad relationship, maybe. Maybe they are fed up with how the other gender treats them all this while. “Girls are all the same,” they say or “guys are all the same.” Again, for whatever reason, they despise the other gender. They lose faith towards them and decide to be single, not mingling much with them.

However, as much as they detest the other gender, they still want to feel wanted and needed. Pretty much like a happy straight couple would be. So how can they get that? From the same gender of course! They’d find a friend that feels the same way as they do. Or they already have a friend that they are close with. So at first, maybe they’re just good friends. But then, their feelings gradually grow because they can connect with each other so much easier. It feels completely different and more satisfying than being attached with the other gender.

They then realize that even with the same gender, one person can mean so much to them even so in a romantic sense. Not long after, they start to accept their feelings and embrace it. Eventually, if both parties feel the same way, they start to form a romantic homosexual relationship.

That is how they become legitimate gay guys and lesbian girls.

I notice that some people are not purely homosexual but they are bisexual instead. Why is this? Well, in my theory which only works in my country, it’s because of our religion. I did mention that our religion prohibits any kind of romantic relationship with the same gender. So most of us actually believe in this. However, for those who are already interested in the same gender (probably because of my theory), they are in a dilemma. They want to conserve their belief but at the same time, their feelings contradict it. So what do they do? What’s the solution? By being a bisexual. By doing this, they manage to conserve their belief while embracing their feelings at the same time.

This is only my theory and perspective on this matter. I didn’t ask or interview any gay or lesbian people. The only thing I did was imagining and observing them. So if my theory is incorrect, I’m totally sorry. I’m just trying to emphasize with these kinds of people. Of course, there are many other reasons people become homosexuals but I wouldn’t want to cover all of them. I’m a straight guy and I believe that being gay is really wrong. However, I still want to empathize with all these people who are gay but religious at the same time.

Now this is what I actually don’t understand. I mean, how can there be someone so religious, even more so than me but also being homosexual at the same time?? It just doesn’t make any sense. They pray to God and do much more religious practices than I ever did such as reading the Qur’an and pray to God every night but they go against the fundamental way of living by being gay or lesbian. Where do they actually put God in their mind?? I can never understand their logic. I’m not a very religious person but I hold to what’s black and white about it. One of the things that is clearly stated is that being attracted to the same gender is wrong so I’ll hold to it as tight as I could. But hey, these people are the ones who make the end of the world closer so I should be thankful to them right?

All in all, homosexuals are getting popular, I came up with a theory about them based on virtually nothing and I can never understand what ‘Obeying God’ means to them.


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