John Titor: A Self-Proclaimed Time Traveler


It’s 2.20 am now and I’m freaking writing a script for a presentation that I’m not even sure if it’ll happen. Also, I have a paper that is due tomorrow… What the hell am I doing… Uh well, let’s write it anyway.

Have you ever heard of a guy named John Titor? No? Well let me tell you. In November 2000 there was a guy who called himself John Titor claiming to be from the future. He’s a self-proclaimed time traveller claiming that he traveled from the year 2036 to the year 1975 to secure an old computer named IBM 5100. He said that the computer has some kind of anti-virus that would help him to stop the world war three that’ll happen in the future. He has secured the computer and then traveled to the year 2000 to meet himself and do some research on his journey. And so, he shocked and attracted the internet’s interest by publicly announcing that he is from the future.

Some people believe in him while others do not. Of course, many were skeptical of his appearance. He made some predictions about the future such as the cancellation of the Olympic after 2004, a civil war that has yet to begin and many others. His major prediction was that a war which kills 3 billion people will occur in 2015. Well, it’s 2017 now and I don’t recall any massive war that kills that much people. So none of his prediction came true which made people even more suspicious of him. However his fans who believe in him would defend him by explaining about the Multiverse Theory.

Now what is the Multiverse Theory? It is a theory that suggests that there are an infinite number of timeline in our universe. Ever heard of parallel universe? For example if you are a doctor in this universe, maybe you are an engineer in another. That means in there are two universes, one which you are a doctor, another which you are an engineer. But the Multiverse Theory suggests that there are much more than just two universes. In fact, it’s an infinite number.

So how do all these John Titor fans defend him? Well according to his theory, if there’s a change that happened in the past, it sparks a new timeline, completely different than ours. For example let’s say that in a timeline, person A is killed. Person B knows that person A is killed. 10 years later, person B managed to travel back in time to the day person A was killed and prevented the killing. So now we have two different timelines, one with person A killed and another one with person A not killed. Which takes us back to what John Titor predicted. Based on the theory, what John Titor predicted will happen did not happen because the events are in a different timeline. Meaning that in his original timeline, the world is coming to an end because of the war. But since he’s managed to secure the IBM 5100 and change the past, he created a new timeline where the world is NOT coming to an end. He basically succeeded his mission, thus creating a timeline which we are currently in.

Whether or not his claim is actually true, this phenomenon has sparked interest of many parties. Time travel has now been seen in a completely different way and writers are inspired by him to write fiction stories centered around time travel by using his theories.

I found out about him by watching a time travel anime called ‘Steins; Gate’. It’s a really good anime and I recommend all of you to watch it. You can read my review of that anime here if you are inclined to know more about it. Well actually no, you should just watch it.

I mentioned about the presentation earlier right? Well, it’s actually just a sharing session in one of my class. If I ever get a chance to share anything with my class, I’ll probably talk about this.


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