My Take on Love


Love is such an important thing towards people my age. I see many people going into and out of relationship many times. My take on love, however, is that I think it’s meaningless. I believe that falling in love, or at least having a relationship at my age is a complete waste of time. Why? Because most of the relationship established would not last that long anyway. Eventually, all the couples today would break in a few years, I guarantee it. There are reasons why I feel this way.

Maybe I have this fear called philophobia, the fear of falling in love. Now most people would be hesitant to grow an attachment towards someone because of their traumatic past experiences but me, I have no prior experience. So why am I so afraid of falling in love? It’s because I’ve watched so many people breaking up with their partner to a point I don’t believe any relationship that starts as early as my age would be successful. The chances are just too slim. All I see is that starting any kind of romantic relationship later is better than starting now and get nothing in return after a few years.

To me, relationship is a hard thing to maintain. I have no idea how people could maintain their relationship while studying and having fun and maintain friendship and maintain family relationship because I could never do that. Since relationship is an option, I throw it out for the moment. When I’m older, I’ll search for it truthfully and sincerely.

In a relationship, I know for a fact that the ‘happy’ feeling when falling in love will fade over time. Those fun times that you do together will not be as fun anymore. Everything will become boring after a certain period of time. This is when commitment and loyalty come into play. You have to commit yourself to the love that you’ve chosen in order to make it more fun. You also have to be loyal to the person you’ve chosen to love because there are so many people in this world. There WILL be someone who is better than your partner in more than one way. So if the person is not loyal, they’ll leave the relationship and go straight to that ‘better’ person. I’m not talking from experience though, I’m just talking from my imagination. And it’s scary. I’m scared that my partner will not have these two crucial traits and might leave me after our relationship gets boring. I’m even scared if ‘I’ am the one who will not be committed and loyal towards the relationship.

Well in all honesty, what I’m truly afraid of being in a relationship is the possibility for my partner to cheat on me. I mean, you never know how feelings might change right? That’s what I’m afraid of. It’s funny cause I was never cheated yet I’m already afraid of being cheated. In this day and age, cheating is too freaking easy. With the variety social media, anything is possible. Maybe you could say that I have no faith and trust towards my future partner but I don’t know… it’s scary… As cliché as it sounds, I’m just afraid of losing the person I love. And to fix that problem, don’t fall in love. Simple.

However, there are drawbacks of avoiding to fall in love with anyone. For one, I’ll never know how it hurts when the relationship doesn’t work out. I mean, I still want to marry someone eventually but before marrying, I’d have to go into a relationship first right? But not all relationship works out perfectly especially the first one. How do I learn from previous mistakes when I don’t have any experience in the first place? I could pray that my first relationship will also be the last but being my pessimistic self, I doubt that’s gonna happen. So what should I do? I don’t know. I’ll just let my 4 to 5 years future-self do the thinking. I’m too young for all this crap.

Well I actually did some thinking on how to NOT be left by my partner. I saw an online quote saying that chasing someone who does not love you is a waste of time cause they’ll never notice you. So I’ve been thinking, instead of chasing the one we love, just accept the love of whoever is crushing on you. That way, you’ll KNOW that the girl is so in love with you that there is NO POSSIBLE WAY she would ever leave you. Right? Makes sense? I think this is perfect theory!!! Until I heard about my friend who accepted a girl’s love but she abandoned him after a year… this theory is not perfect anymore… dammit.

This is a bit off topic but I can never understand how two people could spontaneously love each other. I mean, the possibility of a guy to like a girl and the girl to like him back is really low. Usually, it’ll be the guy who likes the girl but the girl likes someone else or vice versa. The only way I could imagine two people going into a relationship is when the guy shows affection towards the girl and the girl, even though does not particularly like him, accepts his affection. This makes me wonder if that’s just one sided love but the girl is kind enough to accept the love. Or is that actually a way to love somebody? Okay I lost track of myself, I don’t know crap. Can someone with experience please answer this for me?

Well, all in all I think being in love as early as my age is not something beneficial. I’ve seen too many people suffer because of it. It’s just not worth it. But who knows maybe someone would change my mind in the near future, I don’t know. As of now, I’ll avoid growing romantic attachment to any girl that I know. I’ll just all round avoid falling in love.


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