“Treat People How You Want To Be Treated”


“Treat people how you want to be treated”. This saying is very common in our lives. We heard it as early as our childhood years most probably from our parents. They tell us to always treat people well in order to be treated well in return. But in this crappy world that we live in, this saying is not accurate anymore. If we continue to give and give and give, we won’t get anything in return. People are naturally ungrateful, I just learned that. I’m trying to be kind to everybody and I don’t mind that much if they don’t do the same to me. However, there’s one thing that I consider important and will piss me off if people don’t do the same as I did. The sharing of knowledge.

Now before I go any further I want to warn you that this will just be a rant of mine. Hey, I’m just a young immature college student after all. So now let’s begin.

This semester, I’m burdened with a subject called Entrepreneurship. This subject requires students to start an online business. Now since I have ZERO knowledge about it, I naturally panicked. I don’t know what to do, what to sell, how the process works, ZERO! Because I don’t have any knowledge, I naturally asked other people who seem to be more knowledgeable and are going pretty smoothly doing their business to have a better understanding of this online business thingy.

I asked them questions of their expertise but they answered me half-heartedly like they’re keeping all their success formula a secret. I was so pissed off because I’m freaking desperate. I only wanted them to give me information that would help me to be more successful. I asked for their guidance because I’m a total newbie in this field but most of them avoided to answer truthfully. I guess my questions were a bit annoying because I literally know nothing about said subject but you see, when they asked me subjects of my expertise, I’d give them EVERYTHING I know in order to help them to become more successful than they currently are. But who knows maybe they really did do nothing other than what little things they’ve told me. Damn I will surely hate them for life if they suddenly ‘reveal’ their secrets later on.

But I think I’ve learnt my lesson from this. I learned that I just CANNOT expect people to treat me the way I treated them. I CANNOT expect them to share their knowledge as much as I share my knowledge with them. I don’t really know why I’m be so pissed off at this little thing. Maybe because to me, it’s a big deal. Other reason is because I’m desperate to pass this particular subject since it’s my weakest subject yet. And people I asked guidance for did not help me much.

Well I guess in conclusion, don’t EVER expect them to treat you better or even the same way you treated them. Just stop expecting things from other people just because you gave them something first. They will NEVER give you anything in return. Trust me.

Now this is a post is just the beginning. I might be wrong about them and they might actually help me a lot in the future. I’ll probably post about this again at the end of the semester as a retrospect.


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