I’m a Terrible Teacher


I never EVER want to be a teacher. Why? Simple, because I’m freaking bad at being one. I can be an average teacher if the people I’m teaching have a pretty strong fundamental knowledge of the subject or they are just fast learners. However, If they don’t have any basic knowledge or talent, well, this is when you can see that I’m in fact a terrible teacher. Let me give you some examples.

I can play guitar a little bit so some people approached me and asked me to teach them how to play. But when I taught them, I discovered that they have no talent at all. Their sense of beat and sense of pitch is all over the place. I kept on teaching them with much patience of course but only for the day. If I teach them every day, I might harshly tell them that they can’t freaking play God Dammit!!! Just give up… please…

I’m also pretty good at English Language as compared to most of my classmates (but this essay sure doesn’t reflect it so I guess I’m actually bad at it) so naturally my classmates would come to me for help. Most of the time, I managed to help them. However, if they don’t even understand the basic grammar, I’d just give up on them. The same goes for mathematics. As long as the people I’m teaching understand the basics, I can help them.

I know for a fact that different people have different capabilities. I know that there are fast learners and slow learners. I know that some people need to be taught the very basics first because of reasons such as lack of exposure of the subject. I even know HOW to actually teach them from the beginning. However, I don’t like the idea of putting more effort into teaching them from the very beginning because it’ll be really time consuming and I’m not patient enough.

As you can see my teaching skill is just downright horrible. Or maybe I just give up on them too easily. After reading this, I’m sure none of you will want to be my student. I’m not saying that everyone should give up on the things they love just because they don’t have any talent. I don’t have any talent in writing but I write anyway. I’m just saying that I can’t teach people without one. They at least need to understand the basics. If I’m forced to become a teacher, I’d only pick classes that consist of smart and bright students so that I won’t have to put extra effort into teaching them the basics. Yea screw me…


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