The World of ‘Cables’

computer cables

Cables. We are living in a world where we can’t survive without these ‘cables’. What are cables you may ask? Well, it means a group of people who has the authority or power over something. For example, you want to apply for a job but your academic requirement isn’t sufficient. But you coincidentally, know someone from inside the company. They then help you to somehow bypass the requirement needed and get you a job in the company. Basically, you use them to get a job from the inside. These inside people are called cables. I don’t know if anyone out there uses this term the same way as we do but here in Malaysia, we meant it that way. Now, I’m going to talk about one particular organization in my college that are apparent on having these kinds of people.

The name of the organization is… Well if we translate it in English it would be something along the line of residence department authority or something. Let’s just call it that. Residence Department Authority. Let’s call them RDA from now on. These authorities are all students. So in my college, there are students who live in the hostel for free and there are students who need to find a house themselves and rent it. The students who live in the hostel are required to go to every activities and events that are organized by the college. If they don’t, they’ll be kicked out from the hostel. An activity stamp will be given to the students who go to any particular event as a proof that they actually go. Now this is when the cables or RDAs are useful. You see, some of the students who are lazy and do not go to those events rely on these RDAs. They become friendly with them and ask them to illegally put them on the residence list, meaning that they’ll get to live in the hostel. There are so many stories about this. I’m gonna tell you ALL of the stories that I know. Of course I don’t know that much because I suck at gossiping.

Story 1

A group of students complained that their room has many rove beetles and demanded to change room because having the beetles roaming inside their room is dangerous. They found an empty room for them to possibly move in and asked the RDAs if they could move into that particular room. They asked three different RDAs including the president but they all said that there are some senior students who will move into the room. Since they are not very satisfied with the RDAs’ answers, they directly asked the residential supervisor (who is NOT a student) about this matter. The supervisor casually answered that they could. There was not a reason that they couldn’t because in the data, the room was supposed to be empty. They then raided the room and it turned out that those seniors are living in the hostel illegally with the help of the RDAs.

Story 2

In an RDA room, there is one person who is not their click. That particular person is kicked from the residence list and replaced with someone else who is the RDA’s friend. Obviously, the RDA’s friend was not actually qualified to be in the residence list because he has not enough activity stamp. The person who got kicked needed to apply (or if we direct translate from Malay to English, beg) to stay in the hostel. Luckily, he got to stay as early as the first week of the semester but in a different room.

Story 3

Many students who are supposed to be in the residence list did not get any place in the hostel. At first I was confused as to why they didn’t get any place  because the amount of their activity stamps were the same as mine. In fact, they are many other students who got a place but have less activity stamps. But then I realized why. It was because most of them don’t interact much with many people. They have less acquaintances compared to other people and they definitely don’t have any cables. And you know what are the fate of people without cables? Yes definitely, they got kicked out from the list. Luckily again, they got a place after applying (or begging) to stay in the hostel.

Story 4

Two students were excluded from the residence list just because one of the RDAs personally disliked them. The worst part was that it took 10 weeks of begging for them to get a place in the hostel. Very unlucky. Imagine the amount of money they needed to pay for their house rent just because someone who had the authority personally hated them.

Do you see how corrupted they are? Do you see how merciless they are? Abusing the powers in their hand is a norm to them. Now this is just what I, as someone who doesn’t know much about other people’s secret, know. There are probably way more than this that is happening, who knows.

Now I’m not saying every single one of the RDAs are corrupted. Not every RDA give the stamp to people begging for them. Not all RDA exclude people from the residence list just because they hate them. Not all RDA allow students to live in the hostel illegally. However most of them are in one way or another. Well at least the RDA guys in my college. I’m not sure how the girls are doing, but I’m pretty sure something like this do happen on their regard because come on….

If you’re involved in these kinds of organizations where ‘cables’ are illegally permitted, but you don’t do any of these filthy things, then, you’re an amazing person. I wonder how you don’t succumb to corruption when all the people around you do. Keep up the good work. I admire your sense of justice. Fixing this problem and stopping this from happening is virtually impossible even if someone from the inside made an action. The only thing that we can do is not be one of them.

Now I’m still in college but there are already a considerable amount of cables running around the campus. The corruption is real. If the college are already this bad, how about the outside world? All in all, with these circumstances where corruption is normal, we all need cables in order to survive. I personally need to learn how to be friendly with this kind of people. I’m really bad at making fake friends but I’ll try. If some of you want to give me some tips on how to make fake friends, I’d really appreciate it.


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